Simon and Lachlan on the sofa Lachlan and Nora-Jane share a tune The crew setup the candles Norah-Jane Noone holds a candle A view from the camera Lachlan kisses Norah-Jane Technicians in white lab coats Reinier and Simon examine a shot Norah-Jane looks to the heavens Norah-Jane gets her hair checked Reinier perfects a camera angle Fight scene in the street Lachlan Nieboer lies on the ground hurt Lachlan and Nora-Jane in the lift with Santas It's interview time Simon Pummell advises Lachlan Nieboer Simon Pummell and Janine Marmot share a laugh Simon Pummell looks up Props being perfected The stage setup Simon and Lachlan on the sofa share a thought Reinier and Lachlan on set